Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, company searches are conducted using the Integrated Companies Registry Information System (ICRIS).

Click on the button “Unregistered User”

You will then be taken to another webpage containing the site’s terms and conditions. Click “Accept & Login”

At the top of the page, hover your mouse over the menu named “Search” and then select “Company Name”.

Enter the name of the company that you wish to obtain further details and click the button “Search”

The results of your search will then be displayed on the next page.

Further information or assistance?
If you need additional help with your company search or the assistance of a forensic accountant, then please don’t hesitate to use the simple form below to make contact with a Hong Kong forensic accountant who has expertise at conducting corporate background and other searches.

Hong Kong Company Search Recent News

  • Top Hong Kong officials listed under false addresses on Companies Registry
  • Corporate governance advocate David Webb on Tuesday published an online index of identity card numbers of more than 1,100 people – including some of the city’s billionaires – to campaign against a government proposal to restrict access to the personal data of company directors.
  • Hong Kong’s Tax rebate ceiling likely to be cut to just HK$10,000.
  • Under public pressure, the government has decided to shelve a controversial law restricting public access to the personal information of company directors. The Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau said yesterday it would hold back the legislation until consensus had been reached on ways to strike a balance between privacy and freedom of information. The announcement, in a paper submitted to the Legislative Council yesterday, came two months after bankers, lawyers, journalists and businessmen spoke out about their concerns. The law, under which directors and company secretaries would no longer have to make public their residential addresses and full identification numbers, is a clause attached to the new Companies Ordinance passed in July last year. It is due to be approved by lawmakers in May.

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