The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) is the Singapore government organisation that provides a company search service in Singapore.

Conduct a Singapore Company Search

The form is very easy to use. The default drop down box is set to Search by Entity Name. This is the correct setting. It’s then as easy as entering in the name of the entity that you wish to search in the “Search Details: *” input box.

If you use the option “Starting with” then just enter the first word or characters of the name you are searching for and then press “Search”.

After a short delay you will be taken to a page which shows the Search Results. The search results page contains the following information:

  • Registration No.(You can click the hyperlink to buy entity information)
  • Entity Name
  • Partial Address
  • Status; and
  • Compliance Rating for Annual Filing.

Further information or assistance?

If you need additional help with your company search or the assistance of a forensic accountant, then please don’t hesitate to use the simple form below to make contact with a Singaporean forensic accountant who has expertise at conducting corporate background and property searches.